No, I Don’t Want to Dance!

These are dark times. The growing amount of political, social and environmental issues fill the agendas of millions of concerned people around the world. You may think that in our modern and thorough times, every potential hazard has been identified. You would be wrong. There is a critical issue that, as yet, nobody has taken into consideration: how dangerous dance can be.
We’re living in a world where dance is everywhere and, believe it or not, your kids will one day be asked to dance. Blindly following other people’s “movements” may lead to catastrophic consequences.
This short film aims to raise awareness of how deadly dangerous dance can be.
So hopefully, one day, when someone asks you, you will be able to reply: “No, I don’t want to dance!”

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A little behind the scene from
our campaign shot in 1983

Written and directed by:
Andrea Vinciguerra

Georgie Beattie
Andrea Vinciguerra

Executive Producer:
Sandrine Servent
Andrea Vinciguerra

Associate Producer:
Kimberley Le Blanc

Tim Allen
Will Hodge

Puppet Maker:
Adeena Grubb

Model Maker:
Kat Simpson

Costume Maker:
Isabelle Riley

Set Builder:
Phil Shaw

Jamie Kennerley
Thomas Wootton
Will Hodge

Model Maker Assistant:
Meg Dupont
Julia Lopez Martinez

Props Maker Assistant:
Nada Moussa

Alberto Falcone
Mark Miko

Extra VFX:
Ferenc Miko

Sound Design:

Music Composer:
Pietro Ventimiglia

Joseph Bicknell at Company3 (NYC)

Victoria Budgett

Animatic Sound:
Francesco Corsello

Mark Swaffield

Special Thanks to:
Paola Lizza, Claudio Giambrusso, Poitr Tomasikiewicz, Christian Schofield – Panalux, Gary Welch,
Bloc Space,

Crowdfunding campaign thanks for the contribution to:
Laure-Helene Prevost,
Marcello Vinciguerra,
Pavel Kingurov
Kat Wood
Jacopo Genovese
Jesus Loniego

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