In this exciting action platformer, Diseviled, you play as a powerful warrior on a quest to save the princess from demons.

When the princess is kidnapped by demons, the king calls upon you to fight through the demon hordes. Known as the “Diseviled,” a warrior skilled at both swordsmanship and magic, you must put all your skills to the test if you are to rescue the princess!

Fight deadly foes, solve puzzles, and collect treasure in this action-platformer. Avoid traps and tread cautiously, for any misstep could send you to your doom. Can you overcome every obstacle the demons confront you with?

Once you’ve completed the story, move on to Arena Mode and test your Diseviled 2 skills as a variety of different characters!

• Multiple playable characters
• Unique platforming challenges and puzzles
• Melee and magical combat abilities
• Dangerous enemies and powerful bosses
• Exciting story stages
• An optional Arena Mode
• A charming fantasy soundtrack
• Over 15 achievements to unlock



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