Illustrations by Yuta Onoda

Happiness of Being Loved, Personal Work

Confusion, Personal Work

The Mask She Wears, Personal Work

To Lost Friends and Fallen Comrades, Modern Dog Magazine

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Deep, UNH Magazine

Climb up High, Boy’s Life Magazine

The Raging Swirl, Boy’s Life Magazine

Changes for Good, CommonWealth Magazine

Confessions of a Recovering Diet Food Junkie, The Washington Post

The Goddess Parka, Playboy

The Invincible Car, Variety Magazine

Science of Cities, The New York Times

A Map to Memory, Health Solutions Magazine

Vortex, Litigation Magazine

Imagining Data Without Division, Quanta Magazine

Miss You, The Washington Post

In the Reign of King Moonracer, The Washington Post

What Time Is It Now Where You Are, The Washington Post

Wrath, Scientific American Mind

Blackbeard, Smithsonian Magazine

Flourish, TIME

Broken Bells, Rolling Stone

Fields of Dreams, KidsPost

Open to New Ideas, Evolution Magazine

The Future Climate Change, Green Living Magazine

The Big Ones, Smithsonian Magazine

Left Hand Free, Rolling Stone

Pathways to College, UTArlington Magazine

Jump, He Said. And They Fell, Reader’s Digest Canada

Population Aging, Evolution Magazine

Beauty Behind the Madness, Rolling Stone

After the Flash, American Magazine

Witness/Trauma, Crain’s Chicago Business

More Than Just the Job, The Washington Post

Between Two Ends, Abrams Books

Wild Wings, Simon & Schuster

Reality Dream, Education Through Media

Transition, McKinsey & Company

All is Mine, Personal Work

The World She Saw, imagineNATIVE / Beehive Design

Linger, Scholastic

Forever, Scholastic

The Taste of Tradition, Dieste/Jose Cuervo

City of Death, Tor/Starscape

Young Men in Spats, W. W. Norton & Company

Good Fortune, Gerald & Cullen Rapp/2013 Tote Bag

Jumper, Personal Work

I Have Done Some Good, Personal Work

The Way of the Warrior, Personal Work


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