Napoleon: The Ticket by Matthew Berenty

Life’s too short, and so is Napoleon Bonaparte’s temper. Forced to come to grips with his new stature in modern society, Napoleon: The Ticket follows the pint-sized dictator as he grapples with life as an ordinary plebeian.

Winner of Best Short Short at the Atlanta Shortsfest and Best Animated Short at the LA Comedy Festival, Napoleon: The Ticket has screened at film festivals all over the world.

Created and Directed by

Matthew Berenty


Matthew Berenty
Michael Cawood
Alexander Curtis
Mitch Gonzalez

Animation Supervisor:

Mitch Gonzalez


Mitch Gonzalez
Evan Mayfield

Modeling and Shading:

Matthew Berenty
Richard Daniels
Joe Grossman
Phina Khang
Amy Sharpe


David Behrens


Matthew Berenty
Richard Daniels

Sound Effects:

Matthew Berenty


Seth Kaplan


Jayt Preston

Special Thanks:

Kimberley Browning
Tracy James
Kevin Shapiro

Created at:

Wolf & Crow


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