Manet – Devour…

Tracklist :
1.Norwegian Horror Saga 05:19
2.Delirious and Devoured 05:23
3.Doctor Schnabel von Rom 06:24
4.Vendredi Noir 06:31
5.Zygomatic Bones for Days 08:02
6.This May, be Life 04:13
7.Past the Aphelion 07:14
8.End Credits 06:05

released February 20, 2017

Written, performed and recorded by Henrik Opheim Hegre in 2016.
Photo by Lise Opheim Hegre, album art by Henrik O. Hegre.

Final touch and mastering by Steven Clark, a.k.a. SKLARKTOPUS.

Saxophone on “Delirious and Devoured” by Ian Ferguson of The Sarto Klyn V,

Saxophone on “Zygomatic Bones for Days” by Manuel Garcia-Melgares


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