Upsteppers – Return To Dub…

Tracklist :
1.Upsteppers vs Lord Tanuki – Apple Springs Dub 04:09
2.Upsteppers vs Lord Tanuki – Turn Them Dub 03:59
3.Upsteppers vs Frank Booth – New World Colony Dub 05:27
4.Upsteppers vs Frank Booth – Mercerism Dub 04:37
5.Upsteppers vs Frank Booth – Nexus-6 Dub 04:15
6.Upsteppers vs Drew-Id – Drilling Down Dub 03:13
7.Upsteppers vs Drew-Id – Shudder Dub 04:18
8.Upsteppers vs Papa Richie – Bricks & Mortars Dub 03:57
9.Upsteppers vs Papa Richie – Yagan’s Head 04:10
10.Upsteppers vs Papa Richie – Winner takes Dub 05:28
11.Upsteppers vs Papa Richie – March Fly (Wayward Dub) 05:43
12.Upsteppers vs Lord Tanuki – Cash War Dub 03:34
13.Upsteppers vs Lord Tanuki – Bushfire Dub 04:02

released October 25, 2016


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